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Born João Contumélias (1995) in Lisbon, Portugal, ThePlanBeats is a music producer mainly focusing in Hip-Hop and R&B. He was first introduced to Hip-Hop in his early years, representing the beginning of his interest towards the movement.  The influence of his favorite artists as well as his friends’, led ThePlanBeats to start rapping. This would be the very first step to take him to the music production environment.

In late 2012, Plan decided to learn how to make beats for himself with FL Studio, which would eventually awake an interest towards music production that ended being his main and only focus. Later on, in late 2015 he decided to start posting his work online to the public under the name Suspicious Techniques. After a lot of trial and error, whilst learning how everything worked, he then changed his alias to ThePlanBeats at the start of 2017.

He has since, released two different beat tapes called Music, Simply, Summer Lounge (a joint project with Dar’rell Banks), and Beyond the Pads.


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Lisbon, Portugal